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If you love music and want your wedding to be a celebration that everyone remembers for years, hire DJ Riz Entertainment. In 2017, as we enter our 23rd year of making weddings amazing, let our experience entertain you and your guests all night long! We have won multiple awards and have been recognized for being the best DJs in the country. We have traveled internationally as well as across the nation to perform at weddings of all sizes. Brides love us because we take the time to get to know their vision for each event. Grooms love us because we play the perfect music at the right time. Your guests will love us because we will keep all of them on the dance floor! We are based in Dallas and are the premier entertainment team when it comes to South Asian weddings in Texas and beyond.





“They made sure our guests were having fun and dancing non stop all night” – Reshma



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Special Effects




“They had everyone on the dance floor until the lights came on and we were forced out” – Sabrina


If you want a DJ that is passionate about providing you a great wedding weekend, contact us.

Gujarati Wedding DJ

Mixed Wedding DJ






“DJ Riz Entertainment was phenomenal!” – Akisha


We are the largest South Asian Wedding DJ team in Texas. Contact us today for your wedding.

DJ Riz

With over 2 decades of experience, DJ Riz is one of the Worlds’ Best South Asian Wedding DJs. He has performed in England, Spain, Africa, Mexico and all over America.

DJ Skillz

He is a producer who knows how to DJ. His remixes are played at events throughout the world. Hire him if you love the way Bollywood music can be mixed with EDM beats.

DJ Freddy

Freddy turns every dance floor into a club. He can motivate any crowd with his energetic voice and engaging music selection. Hire him for the ultimate party experience.

DJ Nas

He’s the first choice for young couples. His mashup style of djing, blends American & Indian music seamlessly while keeping people from all age groups, glued to the dance floor.

DJ Sam

DJ Sam is originally from Chicago and has taken his career to new heights by moving to Dallas and joining the DJ Riz Entertainment team. His passion for music and lighting is second to none.

DJ Magic

DJ Magic recently moved from New York, speaks Gujarati fluently and is our number one garba dj. At the reception he gets people racing to the dance floor; and that’s truly a magic trick you don’t want to miss.

DJ Ice

DJ Ice is one of the only DJs that can actually read music. A trained violinist and a versatile DJ is a unique combination. His understanding of music and composition is amazing.

DJ Aamir

DJ Aamir defines the next generation of DJs with his impeccable ability to read a crowd and cater to them by playing exactly what they want to hear. Aamir is a professional dancer, which compliments his ability to DJ.

DJ Aditya

DJ Aditya is born and raised in Mumbai. He loves everything Bollywood and everything desi. He always keeps the dance floor energetic and everyone loves his smooth mixing.

DJ Shark

DJ Shark has a sharp eye for how a room should properly be setup when it comes to sound and lighting. He pays attention to how everyone is reacting to the music and keeps them engaged.

DJ Amsal

DJ Amsal is the youngest member of our team. He helps keep the entire team updated with new music and trends. Along with weddings, you will also seem him at graduations and sweet 16’s.

South Asian Weddings

Our DJs are experienced in all types of Indian weddings including: Gujarati Multi-Day Hindu Weddings, Malayalam Wedding Receptions, Telugu Hindu Weddings, Multi-Day Muslim Weddings, Ismaili Weddings, and Mixed Weddings where there is a fusion of two or more cultures.

“The best decision I made for my wedding” – Jennifer


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